IEEE Consumer Communications & Networking Conference
8–11 January 2023 // Las Vegas, NV // USA

2nd International Workshop on IoT Interoperability and the Web of Things (IIWOT'23)

2nd International Workshop on IoT Interoperability and the Web of Things (IIWOT'23)

The aim of this workshop is to bring together researchers and practitioners from academia, industry, and standardization to have a forum for discussions and technical presentations on the broad area of Interoperability in emerging IoT systems and the Web of Things, especially regarding issues motivated by real-world systems and deployments.

The timeliness and relevance of the topics addressed by the workshop are demonstrated by the increasing amount of research as well as publicly and industry funded projects that aim at enabling the integration of devices and services across heterogeneous IoT platforms, technologies, and application domains. In order to fully unlock such potential and to foster the deployment of novel and large-scale IoT applications, several fundamental research issues need to be addressed. Here, the workshop focuses both on application aspects, e.g., by identifying novel use cases that might likely translate into new directions for research and investments from industry, and on methodology, e.g., how to tackle the fragmentation introduced by the proliferation and use of different technologies and data silos.

Due to the timeliness of the topics, we expect the workshop to be a ground of cross-fertilization between academia, industry, and standardization groups. We also consider the workshop as a perfect arena for participation of young PhD students and researchers, who will receive provocative ideas, visions, and guidelines on new potential directions of research on methodologies, techniques, algorithms, and multidisciplinary aspects – specifically when connected with practical applications, real- world deployments, and experts in the field.